Automatically capture hand washing events

The hand hygiene dispenser incorporates an AeroScout LF exciter (EX3300 series) that is automatically activated when the caregivers uses the dispenser. This activates the caregiver’s staff badge which sends the event to the MobileView software.


Automate hand hygiene compliance monitoring

Automatically capture hand hygiene events every time a caregiver
uses the Ecolab dispenser.

Integrated unit

The Ecolab hand hygiene dispenser includes an AeroScout exciter that is powered from the hand hygiene dispenser’s battery. There’s no extra wiring required, yet battery life is not compromised.


Every hand hygiene event is captured automatically just by the caregiver using the dispenser. There are no extra steps required.

Configurable transmission range

The detection range of the embedded exciter can be adjusted to ensure proper capture of every event.

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