Easily track small, mobile equipment in real-time 

Through our partnership with Impinj™, we have incorporated RAIN RFID technology into our MobileView software platform. Hospitals can combine the size and cost advantages of passive tags with the alerts, maps and reports of the MobileView platform.


Goldilocks of the
passive RFID world

RAIN RFID is the ideal passive technology for tagging certain assets in a hospital. Many characteristics make it the most pervasive form of passive RFID in the market today—and “just right” for healthcare.

Small tag—size and cost 

RAIN RFID tags are inexpensive and available in any size or shape—making them ideal for tracking small, mobile assets, such as telemetry packs and handheld Dopplers. They are also ideal for assets such as IT or research equipment that rarely move and don’t need real-time tracking.

Detection by readers and gateways 

Easily locate RAIN RFID-tagged assets using RAIN RFID readers or gateways placed at strategic locations or chokepoints.

Enterprise visibility

See all RAIN-RFID-tagged assets in MobileView. The Impinj ItemSense software manages tag data reading and filtering and sends them to MobileView, consolidating management and alerting for all assets in one user interface.

Ideal for shrinkage control

Small mobile devices often end up in the laundry or trash chutes. When RAIN RFID-tagged assets cross a chokepoint, you receive real-time alerts about potential loss — saving on loss and replacement costs.

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