Making contact for enhanced safety

The T5cs Contact Sensor Tag can be connected to standard normally closed (NC) or normally open (NO) contacts for a variety real-time applications — monitoring door and window contacts, refrigerators and freezers, crash carts and medicine cabinets, motion sensors, smoke detectors and flood detectors.


Sense. Detect. Alert.

The T5cs Contact Sensor Tag provides around-the-clock monitoring of doors, windows, cabinets and detection systems with the AeroScout RTLS platform for hospitals and the Arial emergency call platform for senior living. 

Easy implementation

The T5cs tag takes advantage of your existing Wi-Fi network, with no dedicated sensor network or hard wires to install. Implementing is fast and easy.

Alert and correct

When any sensor is out of its usual status (normally open or normally closed), the system will let you know through software and mobile alerts. 

Long Battery Life

The sensor has a replaceable battery providing up to three years of life. A low battery alerts is automatically generated when it’s time for a replacement.