Get complete control of your resident safety. The Arial solution is the most comprehensive platform for managing resident safety and security, including emergency call, UL 1069 nurse call and wander management.

Elevate Resident Safety

Arial is a powerful platform to manage every aspect of resident safety, giving administrators and caregivers a 360° view of resident needs and status.

  • Emergency Call
  • UI 1069 Nurse Call
  • Wander Management
  • Facility Monitoring
  • Fire Panel Integration
  • Access Control & Building Automation Integration
  • Fall Management Integration
Nurse emergency call panel on wall
Hand holding emergency nurse call button

The Most Advanced Emergency Call Platform

You work hard to deliver excellent care and a rich resident experience. The Arial solution supports you in that mission with timely alerts and analytics to see and improve your performance.

Personal – and accurate – protection 

Whether from the attractive personal pendant or call stations in rooms and common areas, your residents can call for help whenever it’s needed. The simple Daily Check-in feature allows residents to signal that everything is well at the start of the day. When help is needed, the Arial solution’s accurate location enables caregivers to respond as quickly as possible. 

Information at caregivers’ fingertips

Alerts can be sent directly to caregivers via the Arial Mobile Application, IP phones, pagers or other means, with complete information on the resident and the location. No disturbing sound alarms and no running back to a workstation to see what’s happening.

Author name
Beckey Hjaltalin
Author Title
Director of Wellness, HumanGood Judson Park
“We have found the Arial App to be a big improvement on previous staff notification devices.”

Powerful insight

The interactive Arial Management Dashboard shows at a glance how you’re performing against key benchmarks, and lets you dig into specific events or a resident’s call history. The web-based reports engine can be accessed anywhere, with automated reports on call volumes, response times and much more.

Built for multiple applications 

The Arial platform is designed for facility-wide operation — you can even opt to use your current Wi-Fi network as the communication backbone. Beyond that, the system supports a very wide range of sensors and integrations.

Knitting senior living resident presses emergency nurse call button

Arial U Wireless Nurse Call

It’s time to cut the wire on your nurse call system. The Arial U nurse call solution leverages wireless infrastructure to reduce cost, simplify deployment and provide long-term flexibility to expand or reconfigure. 

Fully UL 1069 Certified, Fully Wireless

The Arial U solution meets all the requirements of UL 1069 – including a nurse monitoring station and dome lights – while leveraging wireless call stations to simplify installation and give you far greater flexibility to make changes. It’s the only wireless nurse call system to be UL 1069 certified directly by Underwriters Laboratories; it matches or exceeds the reliability of any hardwired nurse call system.

All the Power of Arial

You don’t have to sacrifice modern functionality to be UL 1069 nurse call compliant. The Arial U nurse call system gives you all of Arial’s industry-leading alerting, reporting and management features, including the Arial Mobile Application, the Arial dashboard, and web-based reports. 

Seamless Integration with Arial

Arial U nurse call can be connected to your main Arial system, so that all event data is aggregated for consolidated reporting. Use Arial U where nurse call is mandated in skilled nursing, and Arial for other parts of your community, such as assisted and independent living.

Senior living caregiver sits with resident doing puzzle

Integrations to Your Key Safety Systems

From wander management to fall monitors to fire panels, the Arial platform allows you to consolidate management and reporting in one location.

Built in wander management 

Memory care is an increasingly common feature of assisted living and other senior living communities. The Arial platform covers your wander management needs with native integration to the WanderGuard BLUE solution.

Author name
Robyn Witte
Author Title
Director of Nursing, The Village
“We’re taking advantage of Arial’s ability to integrate STANLEY Healthcare’s wander management technology.”

Environment sensors

The Arial solution enables consolidated event management from motion detectors, smoke detectors, door and window sensors, temperature and humidity monitors and glass break sensors. In addition, Arial can also monitor inputs, alarms and events from many other sensors and 3rd party systems.

Fire panel integration

Fire alarm messages from the Fire Panel can be displayed in the Arial software – including on the map – and pushed to remote devices like the Arial Mobile App. It’s an excellent secondary notification option that arms caregivers with the detailed information they need. 

Access control and more

Integrate alerts from a range of existing systems such as access control, intrusion and other building automation systems. Arial puts an end to multiple interfaces and alerting devices. It’s one system for everything.