Visibility and Analytics Webinar Series: How Effective Par Level Asset Management Improves Patient Care and Efficiency and Reduces Costs

Hospitals have a large volume of mobile equipment that must be managed to ensure patient safety and availability for clinical care. These devices are often distributed across multiple departments and campus buildings, making manual tracking time consuming, inefficient and costly - both in terms of financial losses and risks to the health and safety of patients. By automating asset management, especially through the use of PAR levels, hospitals can improve equipment allocation and distribution, and lower capital expenditures. PAR levels automate the allocation of how many pieces of equipment are in each zone, floor or utility room to effectively and efficiently meet the equipment requirements associated with each department.

Join Jeff Guyot, Manager of Asset Management Solutions and Carlos Quintero, RTLS Manager at Adventist Health System, for an engaging webinar session that will dive deeper into how customers are benefiting from RTLS-based PAR level asset management.

Ideal for biomed, clinical engineering, medical equipment managers, capital planning analysts, materials and SPD managers as well as nursing administration, this 60-minute session will cover:

  • A review of the AeroScout Asset Management solution, including the latest MobileView Analytics management dashboards.
  • Examples of how other hospitals are using Asset Management with a PAR level approach and the value they derive from using this allocation method.
  • Introduction to and how to streamline the Asset Tag Management process - a critical component of our By Your Side Lifetime Customer Care service program
Sunday, June 1, 2014
Wednesday, January 1, 2020

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