Harness the power of artificial intelligence (AI) in your acute care environment or senior living organization to help standardize fall risk analysis processes, identify patients at risk of falling and gain insights for informed care decisions.

Powering Effective Fall Management in Hospitals and Senior Living

The Foresite platform has two different solutions that empower hospitals and senior living organizations to hep optimize their fall prevention strategies.

Acute Care Environments

Senior Living Communities

Caregiver using Foresite acute solution
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Fall management technology for hospitals, integrated delivery networks (IDN) and other acute care facilities.
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AI technology to manage falls, reduce hospitalizations and proactively monitor health in senior living communities.
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The Foresite Fall Prevention Advantage

Foresite is more than a fall detection monitor. It combines advanced technologies with simple, smart and action-oriented prompts that empower caregivers across acute and senior living environments.

Data-Driven Fall Risk Assessment

Foresite is a powerful tool for fall prevention interventions. The on-demand fall risk assessment tool within the hospital solution evaluates a patient on several physical biometrics and assigns fall risk as high, moderate, or low. In senior care settings, Foresite actually learns each resident to provide alerts to heightened fall risk days and even weeks in advance.*

Fall Detection with Real-Time Alerts and Video

Privacy-protecting passive sensor technology and AI combine to monitor individuals with accuracy. If a fall does occur, the solution sends an instant alert to staff members’ mobile devices with clear, visual information.

Informed Post-Fall Response

Take the guesswork out of post-fall response. Foresite records fall events using short privacy-protecting 2D and 3D video clips, with a Rewind & Review feature that shows you exactly what happened. This information can help provide better insights for root cause analysis and data-driven care planning.

Foresite Alert on Mobile
Foresite passive sensor

Proven Foresite Senior Living Results

Foresite’s AI technology is developed from 20 years of human movement data and has been documented to reduce falls, increase occupancy and extend length of stay in senior care settings.

Fall Reduction

Key finding: 54% reduction at major medical center 
Peer-reviewed results 

Resident Length of Stay

Key finding: Doubled from 1.8 years to 4.3 years
Peer-reviewed results

Health Change Alerts

Key finding: Up to 40 days in advance for older adults
Peer-reviewed results

Fall Risk Assessment

Key finding: Alerts up to 3 weeks in advance
Peer-reviewed results 

Author name
Katlynn Chaplin,
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Director of Nursing
"It all comes down to our ability to proactively manage and anticipate our residents' care needs. With continuous monitoring, Foresite helps identify and address individual risks."