Move to predictive fall management with Foresite Eldercare for senior living and Foresite Patientcare for hospitals. The Foresite solutions harness the power of AI for multi-factor assessment of individual fall risk, giving you the information you need to prevent more falls.

Senior living caregiver with smiling resident
iPhone receives Foresite app fall alert

Continuous Fall Risk Assessment

Foresite does far more than just monitor for falls. It actively assesses changing fall risk, tracking and analyzing a wide range of factors known to contribute to falls, including bed occupancy, bed exits, sit-to-stand time and gait. A continuously updated fall risk for each individual – “High,” “Intermediate” or “Low” – helps you manage your interventions.

Imminent Bed Exit Alerts

Thanks to its multi-factor monitoring, Foresite issues early alerts when an individual is attempting to stand, giving caregivers more time to intervene before the person can get up unassisted.

Fall Detection and Post-Fall Intervention 

Foresite revolutionizes post-fall assessment and response, actually “showing” what happened. Depth sensor images (HIPAA compliant and with no use of video) can be replayed and analyzed so that you can provide the most appropriate medical assistance and improve response to future incidents. 

Health Monitoring (Foresite Eldercare)

Sometimes changes in residents’ health are so subtle that they go unnoticed. Foresite Eldercare uses automated algorithms to monitor these small changes in heart rate, bed restlessness and other factors to give you early warning of deteriorating health.

Pressure Ulcer Risk Monitoring (Foresite Patientcare)

Foresite Patientcare offers a pressure ulcer pad that enables continuous monitoring of patients at risk for this adverse event. The solution alerts clinicians when to adjust patients—helping reduce the risk that ulcers will develop.

Meeting of senior living caregivers discuss Foresite analytics