Fall prevention and efficient resident health monitoring become a reality with AI technology proven to reduce falls and prevent hospitalizations.

Foresite Results Proven by Your Peers

The Foresite solution has been documented to reduce falls, increase occupancy and extend length of stay.

54% Fall Reduction

At major medical center. 
Peer-reviewed results 

5% Occupancy Increase  

At Brentwood Senior Living
Case study

Doubled Length of Stay

From 1.8 years to 4.3 years.
Peer-reviewed results

Health Change Alerts Up to 40 Days in Advance

Proactive health alerts on hospitalization.
Peer-reviewed results 


Fall Alerts Up to 3 Weeks in Advance

Alerts on 85% fall risk.
Peer-reviewed results 

Foresite Alert on Mobile
Foresite passive sensor

AI Technology Proven to Reduce Falls and Prevent Hospitalizations

Reduce falls

Foresite actively assesses changing fall risk, tracking and analyzing a wide range of factors known to contribute to falls. Receive an alert when there’s an increased fall risk and apply proactive measures to prevent falls.

Eliminate guesswork

Monitor for falls with 96.5% fall detection accuracy. A privacy-protecting depth sensor image (with no use of video) revolutionizes root cause analysis, actually “showing” what happened while protecting resident privacy. Provide the most appropriate medical assistance and improve response to future incidents. 

24/7 Health monitoring for COVID-19 and beyond

Beyond fall detection and fall prevention, Foresite passively collects resident health data -- from vital signs and gait analysis, to sleep quality and bathroom patterns -- then provides actionable insights that identify which residents need proactive care. This may include early indicators of COVID-19 or early warnings of a UTI, pneumonia, or heart failure and more.

Double length of stay by reducing hospitalizations

Early detection and intervention can avoid hospitalization and stop a downward spiral for residents. Clinical trials identified that use of Foresite proactive alerts doubled length of stay by providing caregivers much needed lead time to intervene days or weeks before the onset of a resident health problem.

Increase occupancy

Sales and marketing teams can give resident families peace of mind that residents will live healthier, happier, safer lives in a senior living community with Foresite. Resident families choose communities that can demonstrate they know if and when their loved one falls, with caregivers that are prepared to provide immediate assistance and proactive care when possible.

Author name
Katlynn Chaplin,
Author Title
Director of Nursing
"It all comes down to our ability to proactively manage and anticipate our residents' care needs. With continuous monitoring, Foresite helps identify and address individual risks."