STANLEY Healthcare's M200 Fall Management Solution helps hospitals to monitor, manage and proactively reduce patient falls.

Solutions for Every Patient and Environment

The M200 system takes fall monitor technology to a new level. Multi-featured and configurable to each patient, it offers a single platform for the full range of fall monitor needs.

Connect two pads simultaneously

With the M200, you can connect at the same time a bed pad and wheelchair or side chair paid. This eliminates the need to disconnect and reconnect pad cords—enhancing safety while saving caregivers time.

Individual delay settings

Individual monitoring needs vary by levels of activity. The M200 makes it easy to establish individual delay settings (0, 1 or 2 seconds) to help reduce false alarms and avoid alarm fatigue.

Standard yet personal

Now there’s no need to purchase and maintain multiple solutions to meet the diverse needs of those in your care. With the M200, you can standardize on a single product—while configuring each monitor based on individual care plans.

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Caregiver pressing transfer button on M200 that is attached to the back of a wheelchair

Partnering with Caregivers to Reduce Falls

STANLEY Healthcare invented electronic fall monitoring more than 30 years ago, and is leading the next wave of innovation.

Author name
Sheila Geffre, RN
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Cancer Coordinator, Saint Alexius Medical Center
“All falls may not be preventable, but reduction is possible.”

Proven performance over 1 million monitors

STANLEY Healthcare has helped thousands of healthcare organizations advanced their patient safety goals, with over 1 million fall monitors embedded in a wide range of fall reduction protocols. 

Aligned with your fall reduction program

Fall management technology needs to support and align with your fall reduction program. Our experienced clinical experts and authorized partners can help ensure a successful technology rollout.

Nurse and patient in wheelchair with M200 device