Web-based clinical inventory management for the cardiac cath lab, interventional radiology, OR, endoscopy/GI Labs, and other procedural areas.

Reduce Costs, Optimize Inventory and Improve Patient Care

SpaceTRAX is a real-time point-of-use inventory management solution that seamlessly links clinical supplies to physicians, patients and procedures

Reduce inventory costs

SpaceTRAX gives you a complete, real-time view of inventory levels, allowing you to optimize your purchasing based on actual use. Customers typically see a 5%-15% reduction in on-hand inventory within the first six months, while eliminating “just-in-case” purchases and zero-use items. With a true picture of your use, you also have the data to negotiate better prices with suppliers.

Increase charge capture

SpaceTRAX increases charge capture by making compliance easy for staff. Simply scan the barcode and SpaceTRAX does the rest, and with standard interfaces to the hospital’s EMR system, it can send item charge information directly to the billing system. The result is up to a 25% increase in charge capture.

Raise efficiency

SpaceTRAX automates the supply chain process, and puts an end to inefficient manual tracking and recording of inventory. Two simple workflows (ADD/USE) provide a wealth of information along with key performance indicators to help you optimize your inventory and realize cost savings and efficiencies. 

Improve patient safety and experience

SpaceTRAX keeps track of lot, batch, serial number and expiration for every item in a Unique Device Identification (UDI) compatible format. Automatic alerts flag you when items are approaching expiry, and if an expired or recalled item is scanned for use in a procedure. By ensuring you have the right products on-hand, it helps you eliminate delays in care delivery.

Extend the power of SpaceTRAX with RFID

a RFID Smart Cabinet

Enhance control of high value/high priority items by adding RFID Smart Cabinets. With SpaceTRAX Plus RFID, important items are tagged with inexpensive passive RAIN RFID tags to track their location and usage with unprecedented speed and ease. When authorized staff members access the cabinet and remove an item, the action is automatically captured by SpaceTRAX. If the item is not assigned to a case or returned to the cabinet, a notice is generated. The result is complete visibility of the chain of custody.

Inventory basket being removed from wall
Nurse using inventory management app

Real World Results

Savings that just keep growing

Northern California IDN

Reduced inventory loss in 25 IR departments from $4M to <$100,000 annually

Virginia academic medical center

Inventory reduction of 32% and expired product reduction of 60%

Major Memphis hospital

50% reduction in total inventory value

Two doctors look at computer behind hospital desk

SpaceTRAX customers see returns within the first 6 months

  • 5%-15%
    Reduction of On-Hand Inventory
  • 10%-30%
    Reduction of Labor Cost to Track Inventory
  • 50%-100%
    Reduction in Expired Item Cost
  • 1%-3%
    Increase in Vendor Discounts
Doctor using SpaceTRAX inventory management system
The SpaceTRAX advantage

Web-based Simplicity and Power

No capital costs

The SpaceTRAX solution is an entirely web-based SaaS application that requires no capital investment and minimal IT involvement. Your hospital can be up and running with the system over a long weekend with our streamlined implementation process. 

Robust, and accurate, database

The SpaceTRAX global items database is a key differentiator with more than 150,000 items continually updated in a consistent nomenclature by a team of clinical database experts working in close cooperation with manufacturers.

Easy for caregivers

SpaceTRAX makes life easy for clinical users at the point of use and for staff managing departmental inventory, automatically capturing key information for case management, including inventory, patient, staff and clinical attributes.

Author name
Tim Crear
Author Title
Supply Manager, UnityPoint Methodist Hospital
“We are able to consistently report less than 1% variances in cath lab and open-heart inventory.”

Integration ready

SpaceTRAX offers standard interfaces for billing, patient information, item master, purchasing requisition and consumption. You can ensure accurate billing, receive patient information automatically from the ADT, synchronize inventory, automate item requisition and more.


SpaceTRAX system managers have complete control over user permission levels and access, including to sensitive Electronic Protected Personal Information (ePHI) and pricing data.

Powerful insight 

SpaceTRAX’s visual dashboards provide real-time information to make informed decisions around process improvement and patient safety. Standard reports include insights on inventory usage, average case cost and procedural reports, inventory valuation, items and issues. In addition, an analytics API provides your organization enterprise business intelligence related to supply chain management and point of use.