Personal protection for at-risk healthcare workers in the ED, Mental Health, OB and beyond.

Putting a Stop to Violence in Healthcare

The Staff Protection solution helps hospitals make violence against caregivers a thing of the past.

Caregivers in control

The Staff Protection solution enables caregivers to call for help no matter where they are in the hospital. It gives them control over their safety without impacting workflow.

Taking nothing for granted

Staff Protection is designed as a life-safety system, with multiple features to monitor operation, including watching over the status and test history of each staff badge. 

Full information for responders

Calls for help can be pushed to smart phones, IP phones or badges, email and more. Responders can see exactly who has called for help and where they are, with location updated in real-time. 

Hugs compatible, Hugs proven

The Staff Protection solution shares the same platform as the Hugs® infant protection solution.

Nurse presses MyCall Staff Protection badge button
Close up of MyCall Staff Protection badge
Using Staff Protection

Personal, Portable Protection 

Discreet and easy to use

The staff badge is easily attached to an ID badge, with a large tactile button. Staff members can quickly call for help for themselves or another, as well as assistance with patient care.

Use with confidence

A Test Station enables caregivers to confirm that their badge is fully functioning before they go on shift. It’s reassurance that help will always be available.

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8x KLAS Leader for RTLS

STANLEY Healthcare has been named Best in KLAS for Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS) in Healthcare eight times since 2010.

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