Real-time location of caregivers to optimize workflow, automate nurse call functionality and maximize reimbursement.

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Evidence-Based Workflow Design 

Empower your most important asset: your caregivers.

Increased caregiver productivity… and satisfaction

Real-time data on the movements of caregivers allows you to understand – and then improve – clinical workflows. When nurses claim there aren’t enough hours in the day, they are often exactly right. By comparing nursing movements and time spent with specific patient populations, you can design balanced patient assignments that reflect the actual numbers of care tasks and time required.

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Ashley Simmons
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Director, Design Integration, AdventHealth
“We realized we could use our STANLEY Healthcare solution to study nursing at a whole different level.”

Better care coordination

Real-time visibility into the location and status of colleagues greatly simplifies care coordination. Time that used to be spent looking for assistance can be dedicated to care delivery – increasing satisfaction for caregivers and patients alike. 

Understand nurse rounding 

Regular rounding is one of the foundations of good care and patient satisfaction. The AeroScout solution simplifies the management of hourly rounding via reports and  reminders. The data can also be used to understand the factors that lead to higher HCAHPS scores.

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Nurse Call Automation

Free nurses from routine tasks and improve care team communication

Let caregivers focus on care delivery

With the location of every caregiver updated in real time and sent to the nurse call system, caregivers no longer need to manually document response to a patient call. The integration automates the accepting and clearing of calls, capturing the interaction.

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Maureen Nylin, RN
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Nursing Clinical Informatics Specialist, Genesis Health Systems
“STANLEY Healthcare RTLS… allowed us to leverage our previous investments while also enhancing our nurse call capabilities.”

Improved care team communication

Dome light status is automatically updated when a caregiver enters the patient room – showing their role, if supported by the nurse call system – so that other staff members know the patient is being cared for. 

Understand and improve patient experience

Advanced business intelligence tools allow you to see response time and how long nurses spend with patients. These invaluable data give you a nuanced understanding of how patients experience care, and helps you improve performance over time. 

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Emergency Physician Tracking

Maximize reimbursement for critical access hospital ED services 

Maximize ED physician reimbursement

The AeroScout solution enables you to account for every minute of your emergency physicians’ time – making 24/7 emergency care with 100% CMS reimbursement a reality. By capturing every chargeable time category– with a patient, doing administrative work, or on standby – the solution gives you a comprehensive record that maximizes reimbursement.

Increase physician productivity

Physicians no longer need to worry about documenting their time and can focus on value-added tasks. Physicians can also be quickly located at any time as well, minimizing care delays. The result is better patient experience, driving your reputation for excellent ED services. 

Reduce costs

The AeroScout solution is powerful yet inexpensive to deploy with no fixed wiring requirements, and reduces or eliminates the need for time studies by costly outside experts. From an efficiency perspective, CMS reporting tasks are greatly simplified, with automated reports providing all the data required.

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8x KLAS Leader for RTLS

STANLEY Healthcare has been named Best in KLAS for Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS) in Healthcare eight times since 2010.

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