Build confidence in safety for staff, patients and visitors and drive improved infection control through better risk management

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Creating a Safe and Effective Care Environment 

Patients, visitors and staff alike have to feel confident and comfortable in the hospital environment. The AeroScout Contact Tracing solution gives you visibility on the interactions of individuals in your facility so you can respond to an incident with speed and focus.

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Build consumer confidence

Real-time contact tracing demonstrates to patients and visitors your proactive approach to infection control. It’s an opportunity to improve the patient and visitor experience and reassure staff that you’re doing all you can to maintain safety. 

Manage and reduce risk

The Contact Tracing solution provides continual visibility to who is in your facility, supporting safe capacity management. Receive automated alerts when a room reaches capacity or when there's an increase in density, and analyze foot traffic to reduce risk and improve how you manage people flow. 

React immediately to an incident

If you do need to respond to a positive case of COVID-19 or any other infectious disease, the solution gives you the information you need: exactly who may have been exposed, and what parts of your facility may need attention so you can act right away. 

Respect privacy 

The solution supports your data privacy protocols. Communication between badges and the network are encrypted, protecting both privacy and your network. Movement and location data are securely stored in an enterprise database, with access limited to authorized users.

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A Platform for
Exceptional Patient Experience

The AeroScout platform on which the Contact Tracing solution sits is an opportunity to elevate patient safety and experience across the hospital.

Patient Flow

Build a safe and satisfying patient experience in the OR, ED and clinics.

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Asset Management

Gain visibility to the location and status of assets critical to patient care.

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Hand Hygiene Compliance Monitoring

Drive a culture of compliance for hand hygiene, the foundation of effective infection prevention.

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Temperature Monitoring

24/7 wireless monitoring to ensure temperature-sensitive materials are stored safely.

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The AeroScout advantage

Complete Data for Rapid Contact Tracing

Automated, secure data collection

The Contact Tracing solution automates data capture. Every staff member, patient and visitor is assigned a Wi-Fi badge which communicates securely with Wi-Fi network access points. As an individual moves about, the badge automatically transmits updated location information. The result is a complete record of where the person went and how long they were there.  

Accurate location and proximity information

The solution harnesses a variety of technologies for accurate location information down to room and bay level if desired, while leveraging the existing Wi-Fi network to provide hospital-wide awareness.

Comprehensive reporting

The MobileView software used by the RTLS platform offers a Contact Tracing report, which details the complete journey of an individual who has tested positive for COVID-19, including who they were in proximity to. Infection control specialists can identify within minutes exactly who they need to contact and test.

Visual data

In addition to the Contact Tracing report, the solution can generate a historical location report with a map showing where an individual has been within the hospital. This can also help confirm which areas may need to be temporarily closed or sanitized.

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8x KLAS Leader for RTLS

STANLEY Healthcare has been named Best in KLAS for Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS) in Healthcare eight times since 2010.

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