Wireless hospital temperature monitoring to ensure safe storage of pharmaceuticals, vaccines and more.




Enterprise Visibility to All
Your Environments

From cold storage in the Pharmacy to humidity in the OR to the unique requirements of VFC, the AeroScout solution has you covered.


5%-95% RH


2.5V to 30V

Vaccines for Children (VFC)


-200°C to +140°C (-328°F to +284°F)

Contact Sensor and Detectors

Digital Data Logger

Meet CDC vaccine requirements

A Better Way to Manage Temperature & More

24/7 wireless monitoring to raise efficiency, simplify compliance and reduce cost

Higher efficiency, higher satisfaction

Low-value manual data recording tasks are completely eliminated, freeing caregivers to focus on patient care. The benefit is felt all around: higher satisfaction for staff and patients, and greatly improved efficiency for the hospital. In fact, ROI from productivity gains alone is measured in months.

Reduce loss and save money

One unit out of range or unplugged when no one is around to notice can mean a loss of tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars. With alerts sent to a range of devices within minutes, you can intervene to protect the contents before they become damaged and unusable.

Author name
Mark Cornelius
Author Title
Director of Biomedical Engineering, Peninsula Regional Medical Center
“We have found the T15e to be a robust and flexible environmental monitoring tag. It allows our users to quickly understand current and historical temperatures of monitored assets, making regulatory compliance easy.”

Easy – and accurate – compliance

Every reading from every device is automatically stored and date stamped, with a range of ready-made reports for quick and accurate reporting that can include corrective actions. 

Supporting patient safety

With measurements taken every few minutes, the AeroScout solution supports higher levels of patient safety not only for stored items but also for critical environmental factor such as maintaining ideal humidity in the OR.

Real World ROI

$120,000 saved

in medications when a refrigerator was accidentally unplugged

$40,000 saved

in medications from a refrigerator that stopped working

$400,000 saved

in medications and vaccines in the first 6 months alone

3-month ROI

One day of labor saved per week for every 15 devices

Woman at vaccine fridge checking storage temperature
AeroScout t15e tag audit report
The AeroScout advantage

Wi-Fi-based Simplicity and Accuracy

Cost-effective, end-to-end solution 

Easy to deploy with no fixed wiring, the AeroScout solution leverages your Wi-Fi network to cover every part of the hospital and off campus sites. Multiple sensors – for temperature, humidity, VFC, voltage and contact closure – enable you to monitor almost anything.

All-in-one digital data logger

The T15e temperature tag is an advanced digital data logger that meets virtually any temperature monitoring need, including COVID-19 vaccine storage. Key features include a large visual display, local storage of up to 64,000 records and a temperature range of -200°C to +140°C (-328°F to +284°F).  

Proactive alerts, powerful reports

Customized events provide proactive operational alerts/notifications, while advanced reporting tools simplify regulatory compliance.   

Author name
Tom Wright
Author Title
Ambulatory Services & Compliance Pharmacist, Phoenix Children’s Hospital
“If you’re doing paper-based monitoring, even if they’re 100% compliant with twice-daily monitoring, it’s still a ‘snapshot’ approach. As the old saying goes, even a broken clock is right twice a day.”

NIST-traceable calibration 

Annual calibration of temperature monitoring tags to the standards of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) is an industry best practice. STANLEY Healthcare’s ISO 17025 Accredited Environmental Monitoring Tag Calibration Program provides a simple and easy way to manage the process.

Enhance environmental safety

Continuously monitor a range of environmental conditions with open/closed contact sensors – for example, to generate alerts when a cryogenic freezer door is left ajar  – and connect to a variety of sensors and detectors, such as smoke detectors, flood detectors, and motion sensors.

MobileView Analytics for AeroScout Environmental Monitoring

Best in KLAS 
Winner for RTLS

STANLEY Healthcare has been named the 2021 Best in KLAS winner for Real-Time Location Systems. 

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