NOW READING: Celebrating the Many Contributions of Family Caregivers

This year’s theme for National Family Caregiver Month – which is celebrated every year in November – is #CaregiverAnd. It’s a reminder of the rich, multifaceted lives led by the many millions of people who care for a loved one: they pursue careers, they go to school, they raise families, they volunteer, they advocate, they follow their passions.

If you are a family caregiver, you can share your story on your favorite social media platform using the #CaregiverAnd hashtag. Visit the Caregiver Action Network to learn more. We’ll be watching!

As a supporter of the healthcare industry, we are immensely grateful for the contribution of family caregivers, which goes far beyond the financial value of their loving work. Without them, our healthcare system and society simply couldn’t run. So, in the spirit of our Empowering Caregivers purpose – supporting caregivers whoever and wherever they are – we’d like to offer a list of some free resources we’ve found to help family caregivers thrive in every aspect of their lives.

Free resources for caregivers

Know about other resources? Leave us a comment and we’ll add them!

* Image courtesy of the Caregiver Action Network.