NOW READING: “He could not believe we had 100% completion in that short a time”

A customer of our AeroScout Asset Management solution recently shared some comments on how the solution is making a material impact on efficiency and safety. Here’s his account of how a major update of their IV pump fleet went and the surprised reaction of the vendor tech:

“Last week the AeroScout system was a huge hit. Our IV pump vendor came in on Monday and did an upgrade on the pump CPUs and syringe pumps. That totaled 336 devices. The tech doing the remediation had 5 days to do it. He said to do that many devices completely would take 8-14 days but he is only allowed 5 days on site so that he is not sitting and waiting around for pumps. We would have to send the remaining stragglers back to California for remediation.

Well, we had all 335 completed by 2:30 on Friday afternoon all thanks to the tracking system and with 100% completion. He could not believe that we had 100% completion and in that short a time. He went on and on about how great our system worked. He said usually hospitals he goes to that have tracking systems tell him that it doesn’t work properly and was a big waste of money. Ours made a believer out of him.”

This is a real-world example of how much easier it is to manage a major update like a recall with real-time tracking in place. And this is really just the beginning of the benefits that can be realized.

If you happen to be attending the HIMSS Annual Conference & Exhibition in Orlando next week, pay us a visit at booth # 5761 to find out what leading edge hospitals are doing with real-time asset management and analytics, including our recently announced MobileView Analytics Cloud offering. See you there!