NOW READING: HTM Week: Recognizing Great Work at Saint Francis Medical Center

This is Healthcare Technology Management Week, when the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI) recognizes the important contributions of biomedical equipment technicians, clinical engineers and others in the field.

We thought this would be the perfect time to give a shout-out for the great work by the Biomedical team at Saint Francis Medical Center.

Saint Francis has taken an innovative and disciplined approach to managing its fleet of infusion devices. By integrating these devices with STANLEY Healthcare’s Asset Management solution, Saint Francis maintains real-time visibility to the location of every integrated infusion device. The system also lets Biomed and other personnel know each device’s status: in-use, not-in-use, off/unknown.

Since its rollout in 2015, the approach has delivered some exciting benefits—from time savings and improved preventive maintenance to faster drug library updates and more effective loss prevention. In fact, Saint Francis has been able to quantify these results:

  • Reduction of 1.5 hours daily in time biomedical engineers spend retrieving pumps, resulting in savings of $21,000 per year
  • 100% preventive maintenance performance with only two full-time biomed engineers covering a 1.1M-square-foot facility
  • 100% device remediation within five days for a major recall
  • Prevention of equipment losses representing at least $60,000 in savings to date
  • Achieved drug library updates across all infusion pumps in 3 weeks instead of a full year

We’re proud of the Saint Francis Biomed team’s success in putting RTLS-enabled asset management to work for the hospital, its clinicians and the patients in its care. We highlight other inspiring examples of forward-thinking asset management capabilities in our white paper, From the Front Lines: Eight Ways to Increase the Impact of RTLS Solutions for Asset Management.

See You Soon in Long Beach

We hope to see you at the AAMI 2018 Conference & Expo, June 1 – 4, in Long Beach, California. We’re always excited for opportunities to make life easier for Biomed departments. Every day we help them in improving asset utilization, reducing costs and positively impacting patient care. I encourage you to stop by our Booth 708 to explore how we can help you follow the example of Saint Francis and other forward-thinking organizations using RTLS-enabled Asset Management and Environmental Monitoring.