NOW READING: Insights from Argentum: From Challenges to Opportunities

Greetings from the Argentum 2019 Senior Living Executive Conference in San Antonio! Although I’m enjoying warm weather, I’m more interested in taking the “temperature” of key trends and challenges facing leaders of long-term, post-acute care organizations.

So far, my one-on-one discussions have affirmed that senior living communities are still grappling with two perennial challenges:

  • Increasing occupancy rates: these were holding steady at an average of about 88 percent as of the end of 2018.
  • Preventing falls: According to the CDC, about one in four Americans age 65 and older fall, so it’s no surprise that these incidents remain the #1 safety priority in senior living.

Both are challenges we’re actively helping clients solve. For example, our WanderGuard BLUE solution makes communities more attractive to prospective residents and their families. Here in San Antonio, I’ve also noticed high interest in solutions that tap the power of AI and analytics to provide insight into health changes that could lead to hospitalizations and falls.

In other words, attendees are seeking solutions to help them attract more residents – and retain them by ensuring they can age safely and comfortably in their community of choice. 

All Eyes on the Cloud?

Another hot topic at Argentum: cloud-based solutions. As the industry embraces cloud-based Internet of Things (IoT) infrastructure, communities will increasingly count on smart sensors and artificial intelligence (AI) to support the care and safety of seniors.

We see a vast array of opportunities to use smart, cloud-connected wireless devices that will aggregate data on resident wellness. That, in turn, will empower caregivers and administrators to reshape service delivery – and resident outcomes.

As Argentum continues tomorrow, I’m looking forward to hearing more about what’s on the horizon. Computing may be “cloudy,” but one thing seems clear: Senior living will soon be able to make data-driven predictions – preventing illness and injury and enabling seniors to live longer, fuller lives.

We look forward to being there to guide you along that journey. If you’re here at Argentum, too, stop by our Booth 425 to start a dialogue about how to get there.