NOW READING: Is Manual Temperature Monitoring Putting Your Clinic, Surgery Center or Blood Bank at Risk?

Is Manual Temperature Monitoring Putting Your Clinic, Surgery Center or Blood Bank at Risk?

After a holiday weekend, staff arrive and discover a medication refrigerator is slightly ajar. How do you know when it happened and whether its contents have spoiled?

Your surgeons have reported that temperature and humidity are often too high or low before their first procedures of the day. How do you gain the data you need to understand and address their concerns?

Your regulating body is coming for an audit, and you need to demonstrate that your clinic is maintaining safe, healthy environmental conditions. How do you prepare accurate, reliable reports?

There are thousands of clinics, outpatient surgery centers and blood banks across the United States. Many of these clinics deliver services comparable to those provided by acute care facilities. Yet too many clinics are using an unreliable and inefficient method for monitoring and reporting environmental conditions.

Is your organization still counting on staff to manually view and record temperatures and/or humidity levels? If so, you’re likely putting costly medicines and vaccines, irreplaceable human tissues and infection control procedures at risk.

Monitor Temperature Sensitive Materials 24/7 with STANLEY Healthcare

A growing number of clinics, surgery centers and blood banks are embracing the reliability and efficiency of automated environmental monitoring from STANLEY Healthcare. Our hospital-grade solutions offer around-the-clock monitoring and automated reporting for multiple locations, to improve regulatory compliance and audit readiness.

The cloud-based AeroScout Links solution is also incredibly simple to install and use:

  1. Affix Wi-Fi tags inside the refrigerators, freezers or other monitored spaces.
  2. Connect tags to a mobile app using your existing network.
  3. Establish required ranges and set up cascading notifications of at-risk conditions.
  4. Monitor tagged resources 24/7 at multiple sites, with temperature and humidity data automatically sent to the cloud.
  5. Identify trends and opportunities to optimize environmental conditions.
  6. Produce audit-ready documentation with speed and accuracy.

After your clinic, surgery center or blood blank installs the solution, you’ll have easy answers to those three questions.

If a medication refrigerator is accidentally unplugged or its door is left ajar, you’ll get an automated alert so you can correct the situation before any resources are compromised.

If surgeons are reporting unsafe conditions in your ORs, you can pull up data to identify and fix the root cause.

If auditors are due at your doorstep, you’ll be able to generate the reports you need in a matter of minutes.

Most clinics, surgery centers, and blood banks don’t operate 24 x 7 x 365, but your environmental monitoring can – and should. Discover how automated environmental monitoring is fueling safety and efficiency at the Buffalo Surgery Center in Western New York. Then learn more about this solution and how to get started.

If you’re a larger healthcare facility looking to take advantages of multiple real-time visibility solutions, our industry leading RTLS (real time location services) platform includes a robust Environmental Monitoring solution, along with other applications including Asset Management and Staff, Infant and Patient Protection and more.