NOW READING: January Blood Donor Month - Benefits of Automated Environmental Monitoring

It’s National Blood Donor Month, and the American Red Cross has issued an urgent call for donations. Winter is always a challenging time for blood donations, but the need this year is especially acute. Blood plasma of healthy, recently-recovered coronavirus patients is urgently needed. The FDA has issued an emergency use authorization for convalescent plasma to be used in hospitalized COVID-19 patients. If you’re able to give the gift of life, we at STANLEY Healthcare encourage you to make an appointment today. They are also sweetening the pot with a chance to win two tickets to next year’s 2022 Super Bowl in Los Angeles. 

As you consider your opportunity to impact lives, you may not think about how donated blood and platelets must be managed and stored. But for healthcare leaders responsible for safeguarding blood and platelets, as well as organs, tissues, medications and vaccines, it’s an around-the-clock concern.

It’s typically too risky to protect these often-irreplaceable assets through manual temperature monitoring and recording. After all, a manual approach leaves assets vulnerable to human error and lack of coverage, especially in clinics that are closed in the evenings, over weekends and holidays. That’s why so many hospitals and clinics across North America have adopted STANLEY Healthcare’s Environmental Monitoring solution. Our automated solution empowers clinicians and administrators with 24/7/365 monitoring, alerting and visibility. That makes it possible to quickly identify and resolve potential issues—before they affect the contents of refrigeration or freezer units.

Again, we encourage you to give blood in January or any time you can. Meanwhile, we will continue working hard to support hospitals and clinics every month of every year. If you’re exploring better ways of managing environmental conditions in your healthcare organization, spend some time viewing our Top Trends in Temperature Monitoring webinar.  Or, if your hospital is preparing for the COVID-19 vaccine storage, I invite you to attend our upcoming webinar, Environmental Monitoring Made Simple: Keeping Up with Regulatory Compliance for COVID-19 Vaccine Storage, Pharmaceutical Compounding Preparations, and OR Suites.

Still have questions or want to know more? Get in touch. We would welcome the chance to show you the incredible innovation that’s within reach.