NOW READING: Thank a Caregiver

Today kicks off National Family Caregivers month. It’s a celebration of the millions of people who act as family caregivers for a loved one.

This is very personal to many of us at STANLEY Healthcare.  We have been or are still caregivers at home or have family members in the daily trenches of primary caregiving. Both my grandmother and mother cared for my grandfather through the long decline of dementia. I have seen first hand both the rewards and the costs of being a long-term family caregiver – it can be mentally, physically and financially exhausting.

That’s why as a company, we have made Empowering Caregivers our core purpose. It is caregivers who are the heart and soul of healthcare, whether they’re professionals in hospitals and senior care settings, or family caregivers.

We’re working to find new ways to empower caregivers, but on this first day of National Family Caregivers month, we just wanted to say, “Thank you!” to caregivers everywhere.

Chances are there’s a caregiver in your life too. Please take a moment to acknowledge the incredible work they do.