NOW READING: When Less Is More: Rush University Medical Center Uses RTLS Solution to Reduce Wait Times, Enhance Patient Experience

We always get excited when we have opportunities to spotlight our clients’ successes. We get even more excited when our clients share their own stories about STANLEY Healthcare solutions. That’s exactly what Rush University Medical Center did with this recent article about its Rush River North physician practice. The article explains how the clinic is using STANLEY Healthcare’s Patient Flow for Clinics solution—“a GPS for the doctor’s office”—to improve patient experience.

The piece speaks to the day-to-day advantages in terms of improved visibility and collaboration among clinicians and more proactive communication with patients. It also points to longer-term benefits—namely, the ability to make sure the practice is running as efficiently as possible.

As the article notes, “The new tool that provides real-time information on a patient’s visit is the latest innovation in Rush’s effort to improve how outpatient care is delivered to the growing number of patients who seek care in physician offices. The real-time location system uses technology to follow a patient on each step of his or her health clinic visit, helping to prevent unnecessary delays and allowing physicians and staff to spend less time searching for patients, team members and equipment, and more time providing care.”

We were particularly pleased to see that patient feedback has been positive—with Rush River North patients highly receptive to wearing the RTLS badges that make it possible to monitor their location and status while in the clinic.

Ready to tackle wait times and increase patient and clinician satisfaction? Be sure to read the full-length article about Rush River North—and then reach out to us about how STANLEY Healthcare’s Patient Flow for Clinics solution can help improve communication, collaboration and quality of care in your facility, too.