Internet of Things (IoT)

Extending the IoT in Healthcare with Real-Time Visibility and Analytics

STANLEY Healthcare is an award-winning technology leader with proven experience helping healthcare leaders ensure safety and security, improve patient experience, optimize workflow and increase operational efficiency with real-time visibility and analytics.

We work with hospitals and health systems to create real-time information-driven enterprise systems, enabling organizations to display critical information and trigger events so staff can act quickly.  And, we provide advanced analytics to visualize data and create interactive dashboards that allow management to view, analyze and interact with data to make better quality decisions.

Experts in Internet of Things in Healthcare

Working closely with customers for over 15 years to ensure safety & security, improve patient experience, increase operational efficiency and reduce costs.

Taking the Internet of Things to the Next Level with Analytics

Enabling a whole new level of understanding of patient experience, clinical processes, equipment conditions and asset management flows with advanced visual analytics.

Helping the Best Health Systems Get Better

Customers of our real-time visibility solutions and analytics have:

  • Increased HCAHPS top box scores by 13%
  • Increased timeliness of care scores by 34%
  • Raised hourly rounding compliance by 8.5%
  • Saved hundreds of thousands of dollars in capital equipment or rental expenses
  • Avoided thousands of dollars of losses of refrigerated, hard-to-replace pharmaceuticals
  • Dramatically decreased the incident of new pressure ulcers
  • Provided a payback period of less than nine months

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