The AeroScout solutions power transformative change, unlocking higher efficiency, costs savings and a better experience for patients and caregivers. Maximize the impact of AeroScout with our suite of Managed Services.

Tag Management

AeroScout Asset Management deployments can run to many thousands of assets, and require a structured approach to deploying and maintaining asset tags. The Tag Management service takes the task in hand, including monitoring battery status and replacing batteries as needed. It ensures solution up time and frees internal resources for higher-value tasks.

Advanced Service

End-to-end management of tags, including physically locating, replacing and configuring tags.

Basic Service

STANLEY Healthcare refurbishes your tags and replaces the battery on a regular cycle.

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Disposal of AeroScout RLTS tag
AeroScout RLTS on wall outside operating room

Environmental Monitoring Tag Calibration

Annual recalibration of NIST-traceable environmental monitoring tags is an industry best practice. But removing them from assets is time-consuming and disruptive to monitoring. STANLEY Healthcare’s ISO 17025 Accredited Environmental Monitoring Tag Calibration and Certification Program provides a simple and easy way to manage the process.

Advanced Service

STANLEY Healthcare manages the entire process, from handling routine maintenance and tracking expiration dates to physically locating, replacing and configuring tags.

Basic Service

STANLEY Healthcare proactively reminds you 60 days before your NIST-traceable tags are due for recalibration, and ships you calibrated and refurbished tags within 30 days of expiration. 

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Customer Success Management 

The Customer Success Management program ensures that you realize the full potential of the AeroScout platform. Your Customer Success Manager becomes the internal champion for RTLS, responsible for the success of your solution and working with your internal team to plan the deployment, encourage user adoption, introduce best practices and identify opportunities for increasing your ROI. The role can be performed remotely or on site. 

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System Administrator Service

Embed an RTLS expert within your organization for day-to-day management of the AeroScout solution. The System Administrator takes responsibility for managing the MobileView software, coordinating response to alerts, and maintenance of the assets within your solution. This role can be scaled to fit any organization, as either full- or part-time, as well as remote or on site.

Solution Optimization

Give your AeroScout solution a regular check-up with Solution Optimization. A solution expert audits your solution, making recommendations on workflow improvements, user adoption and technical changes to improve performance.

AeroScout RLTS tag on medical storage bin