Partner Ecosystem Overview

Combining Capabilities to Transform Healthcare

The STANLEY Healthcare Partner Ecosystem of experts represents one of the largest and most vibrant global networks in the healthcare market today.  We  enable our ecosystem of application, infrastructure, technology, channel partners and global purchasing organziations to bring innovative, reliable solutions to hospitals, health systems and senior living communities around the world.

Partner Support

Visit Partner Support for all the latest resources available exclusively to our partners. Here you can access self-service marketing and sales tools, promotions and pricing information.

Partner Certification

Visit STANLEY Healthcare University to learn more about partner training and certification.


Application Partners

Application Partners are technology companies that have developed a specific software application, that when integrated with STANLEY Healthcare software solutions, provide enhanced value for healthcare customers.  

Infrastructure Partners

Infrastructure Partners are WLAN and infrastructure vendors that STANLEY Healthcare has tested and integrated with our technology, ensuring that our tags and software work seamlessly out-of-the-box with any customer's wireless infrastructure.

Technology Partners

Technology Partners are our core technology providers that STANLEY Healthcare works closely with on widely accepted platforms, databases, voice-over-IP systems and other technologies.


Global Purchasing Organizations (GPO)

A variety of STANLEY Healthcare's products are sold through leading GPOs, which have rigorous product vetting and approval processes ensuring its member hospitals and skilled nursing facilities have access to the highest quality products at the industry's best prices.

Connected Channel Partners

Through STANLEY Healthcare’s Connected Channel Partner Program, certified system integrators and value-added resellers (VARs) are providing specialized expertise and bringing market-leading RTLS solutions to healthcare customers around the world.

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