Low frequency short-range detection

The EX3210 Exciter is a compact low frequency device for short range detection (up to 10 ft. or 3 m) of AeroScout tags within indoor environments. The EX3210D Exciter is specifically for use with the AeroScout Patient Protection solution.


Enhanced monitoring and identification 

Ideal for locations such as racks and shelves, or at egress points and other zone boundaries to trigger alerts with egress point detection.

Accurate location detection 

Locate assets precisely, for example to a specific shelf, rack, room, bay or work cell. The EX3210 can also be used to alert when a tag passes through a specific zone.


The EX3210’s compact form factor makes it ideal for tightly defined areas, such as a rack.


In a location where the required LF coverage exceeds the range of one exciter, multiple exciters can be connected to cover areas such as large doorways.

Tag behavior modification 

The EX3210 can also be used to automatically change tag behavior when the tag comes within range, for example switching off the tag. The EX3210D is designed for this purpose: it is installed in a tag drop box to automatically deactivate the T2su Patient tag after patient discharge.

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