Precise room-level location for patients,
staff and assets

Ultrasound technology provides room-level resolution ideal for Patient Protection, Patient Flow, Staff Workflow, Nurse Call Integration and PAR Level Asset Management applications.


Know when a person or asset enters a room 

The EX4220 Exciter detects when an AeroScout tag enters a room, triggering the tag to send a message to the system. This simple action unlocks a range of powerful information to manage patient flows and asset utilization, and
automate tasks.

True room-level separation

Ultrasound signals do not pass through walls, and thus ensure accurate room-level resolution.

Sleek design, flexible mounting 

The low-profile design fits in a healthcare environment and can be mounted on ceilings or walls for optimum coverage of rooms.

Multiple power options 

EX4220 Exciters can be powered either via external power source or Power over Ethernet (PoE).

Configurable, versatile technology 

The EX4200 Exciter is equipped with both Ultrasound and Low Frequency (LF) transmitters for a variety of RTLS applications. In addition, the exciters are configured and monitored over the network, or can be configured to operate without network connectivity.