The mobile app for environmental monitoring 

The AeroScout Links Mobile app shows real-time status, lets you receive and handle alerts, and pulls historical reports from anywhere, anytime.


Monitor your environment in real-time

Regular status updates and real-time alerts are always accessible on the AeroScout Links Mobile app.

Simple design, easy-to-use 

The mobile app is designed for anyone—easily see all monitored assets, their current temperature and humidity status, and data trends as well as manage alerts and corrective actions for regulatory compliance.

Alerts and notifications

Alerts are automatically sent when sensor readings are out of range (based on asset setting), tag batteries are low, or when a tag “goes silent” for 15 minutes. Pharmacy, lab, clinic, IT and other staff members can easily manage assets and access data on the go.

Audit ready

Generate reports from the mobile app for one or multiple assets. The PDF report is emailed directly to your inbox.

Remote monitoring 

24/7 worry-free data collection gives you peace of mind, especially during off-hours and weekends.

Fast DIY Setup

The AeroScout Links Mobile app is used for system setup to register Gateways, see activated tags, assign tags to assets, and define asset details and alert parameters (ranges, alarm delay, notification recipients)—all in one place.

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