One tag for multiple temperature monitoring needs

The AeroScout Links T15e is a versatile temperature tag supporting a wide range of monitoring applications in hospitals, pharmacies, clinics and more.


Simplify your temperature monitoring

The AeroScout Links T15e Tag enables easy and reliable compliance monitoring from -200°C to +140°C (-328°F to +284°F). 

Visual display

See current temperature within +/- 0.5°C, as well as out-of-range alerts

Local and remote alerts

Visual and audible out-of-range alerts and real-time notification to mobile device or PC

Long-life battery

24-month typical life, with easy replacement of standard batteries (no screws!)

64k local records

Keeps data safe in the event of a network outage (for months!) and during transport

One-touch VFC compliance

Complete VFC compliance checks with a single button push. Min/max values reset automatically for next audit

Easy set up

Program via BLE using the AeroScout Links app, or over-the-air with enterprise security

Integrated contact sensor

Monitors refrigerator and freezer doors (including cryogenic) for an extra layer of protection


ISO 17025 accredited program provides a simple and easy way to manage recalibration process

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