Monitor a range of temperature conditions

The AeroScout Links T5a Sensor Tag offers an onboard sensor for a wide range of temperature monitoring needs. Automate alerts and data recording for greater peace of mind and easier compliance reporting.


Proactive environmental monitoring

AeroScout Links helps you avoid the risks and inefficiencies of manual monitoring and recording temperature. And it empowers you to identify and react to out-of-range conditions before a problem escalates.

Flexible deployment

The AeroScout Links T5a Tag can work for you in a variety of settings, including hospital rooms and refrigerators that store vaccines, pharmaceuticals, food and other items.

Proactive alerts 

When temperature or humidity approaches out-of-range levels, the tags trigger alarms via the AeroScout Links mobile app.

Automated logging

The tag automatically uploads data to the AeroScout Links cloud server, enabling a range of on-demand reports for regulatory compliance. 


The T5a Tag is optionally available with calibration certification with NIST traceability.

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