Rugged and reliable
Wi-Fi tag

Use the AeroScout T12 Tag to track a wide variety of critical assets and mobile medical equipment: infusion pumps, specialty beds, wheelchairs, oxygen tanks, supply carts and more.


Real-time tracking, two-way communications

Place the AeroScout T12 Tag on an item to gain visibility to its real-time location across the enterprise.

Bi-directional communication

Configuration and firmware upgrades can be applied "over the air" to greatly simplify updates.

Tamper-proof mechanism

A tamper mechanism allows for proactive alerting when the tag is removed from monitored equipment.

Flexible, secure mounts

Choose from cradles, mini-cradles and tape mounting—and be assured that every option offers a mechanism to deter tampering.

Configurable call button

The tag includes a configurable call button for applications such as summoning maintenance teams to the device.

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