Wireless call station for resident rooms 

Give your residents peace of mind in their personal living space with Arial call stations. They are easy to install and maintain thanks to wireless design and battery operation.


Push. Pull. Get help.

The Arial Call Station is a wireless, battery-operated call device installed inside resident living areas as well as common areas. When a resident activates the Arial Call Station, a message is immediately sent to the Arial solution for staff response.

Three ways to call 

Residents can trigger an alarm by pressing a large button, pulling a cord or using a remote push-button (optional).

Check-in function

Residents can “check in” using the Arial Call Station’s dual-purpose Call Cancel/Check-in button.

Wireless installation and easy maintenance  

Requiring no cabling, this wireless, battery-operated call station is simple and easy to install, and to relocate at any time. It also offers a sleep mode to preserve battery life.

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