Empowering caregiver communications 

The Arial Mobile App empowers caregivers with better visibility to residents’ needs and faster, more efficient coordination—freeing up more time for high-quality interactions.


Simple. Innovative. Mobile.

With the Arial Mobile App, caregivers can provide faster, more effective responses—and deliver better care.

Improve caregiver efficiency and response times

Quickly receive, view, and respond to resident alerts and system warnings. Alarm messages include date, time and alarm location, as well as resident images and color-coded alarm-type designations. Alarm acceptance notifies coworkers of who is responding.

Support caregiver communication and collaboration

The built-in call, text and group chat functionality allows staff to streamline communication while eliminating the need for an additional communication device or cellular plan. English, Spanish and French are all supported.

Improve resident care

The Arial Mobile App makes it easy to capture resident interaction details, providing data that helps to optimize care plans. Convenient tracking of resident encounter times enables operators to make informed decisions about staffing levels.

Centralize safety and security alerts

Knowing what’s happening in your community has never been easier. With centralized alarm management, receive immediate alarms from WanderGuard BLUE and Foresite in the event of a potential elopement or fall.

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