Automate resident check-in

Are residents present and moving within their rooms or apartments? The Arial Wireless 360° Motion Detector uses advanced signal processing to recognize human movement.


Unobtrusive check-in 
on residents

Check in on residents without disturbing them. Designed to be mounted on the ceiling, the Arial Wireless 360° Motion Detector automates occupancy detection and resident check-in. 

Seamless safety

Keep an “eye” on residents without compromising their privacy or disrupting their routines. This wireless device makes it easy to automatically confirm that the resident is up and active.

Fully supervised

The motion detector offers reliable operation, and is fully supervised including the ability to detect tampering and report low battery status.

Smart battery management

The passive infrared sensor offers a 180-second fixed sleep time or a variable sleep time—built-in intelligence enables the device to remain in sleep mode beyond 180 seconds during high-traffic periods. This capability helps extend battery life.

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