Central monitoring for the Arial solution

The Arial Wireless Remote Annunciator offers an alternative to the Arial software for monitoring alerts from the Arial system. It’s a flexible and affordable option for smaller communities.


command center

The Arial Wireless Remote Annunciator is simple, reliable and affordable. It’s ideal for communities with only a few locations and residents to monitor.

Quality and affordability

Take advantage of this cost-effective device to monitor emergency call, wander management and other alerts from up to 10 devices.

Easy installation 

Because it connects wirelessly to call stations and other devices, the Remote Annunciator is fast and simple to install.

Quick configuration

Quickly link up to 10 transmitters and devices based on your needs: Arial pendants and/or fixed call stations; Arial sensors; WanderGuard BLUE Door Controllers; and other alarm inputs.

Network supervision

Each Remote Annunciator includes two built-in alarms—one to alert to tamper/battery issues and another for supervisory alarms to indicate missing or inactive transmitters.

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