Cutting the cord 

The Bed-Check Cordless Monitor is ideal for any healthcare facility that wants to maximize safety, eliminate tripping hazards and reduce nuisance alarms.


Improved safety, quieter environment

Many healthcare facilities—especially psychiatric hospitals and rehabilitation centers—are working to improve safety and comfort with cordless fall monitors. The Bed-Check Cordless Monitor delivers, with an easy-to-use monitor, cordless sensor pads and a wireless transmitter that can be mounted to maximize safety.

Flexible protection

The Bed-Check Cordless system features sensor pads for both beds and chairs. It also gives you the option of placing monitors outside patient/resident rooms to support a quieter in-room environment.

Peace and quiet

Integrate the system into your nurse call system to ensure that messages reach the right people without fueling alarm fatigue or disturbing residents or patients.

Smart battery

Extend battery life by using “sleep” mode when the system isn’t in use.