Increased security for all residents and staff

Enhance community security at all entrances and exits with the DC1000 Door Controller.


Easily manage door security

Robust and sophisticated protection of locked community doors.

Cost effective

Eliminate the need for a separate access control system by leveraging the new DC1000 Door Controller. Monitor door security in your community without the additional cost of a separate system. 

Centrally managed

Manage door security directly from Arial with the DC1000 Door Controller. Monitor access privileges with PIN codes or card access for staff or visitors, while providing notification to staff of door activity. Receive alarms, events, status and errors directly to Arial for immediate action.

Flexible solution

The DC1000 works as a standalone solution or integrates to Arial for centralized management. Connect each DC1000 to up to four indoor keypads and one outdoor keypad, with support up to 1,000 users, both staff and visitors.

Ease of use

Reduce security risks by configuring door codes per user from a central location, cutting the administrative time of resetting codes door-by-door.

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