The Future in Fall Management Technology

The Foresite Mobile Depth Sensor Unit is a transportable, remote monitoring and alerting system for a wide range of fall management needs. It utilizes privacy-protecting 3D sensing technology and artificial intelligence (AI) to help contribute to a safer care environment.


A Data-Driven Approach to Hospital Fall Management

Discover the power housed within the Foresite Mobile Depth Sensor Unit

Advanced Passive Technology

The adjustable telescopic sensor on the top of the Mobile Depth Sensor unit captures a wide-angle 3D view of the room and collects data by continuously monitoring patient movement in bed and within the room. The passive technology eliminates manual monitoring by staff members and patients are not encumbered by wearables, wires or pads.

Powerful Yet Simple

The Foresite Fall Prevention solution is simple to set up, use and move. To operate, plug in the device and follow the directions on the display screen* to properly position it within the room. Each unit also has a quick disinfection process for easy transfer of devices between patients.

Imminent Bed Exit with Real-Time Alerts

Foresite solution automatically outlines a patient’s bed with virtual rails. When a patient attempts to get out of bed and crosses these rails, the solution sends an instant alert to staff members’ mobile devices. It provides a local audio recording to encourage the patient to stay in bed, helping create time for caregivers to intervene before the patient gets up unassisted.

Fall Detection with Real-Time Alerts and Video

In the event of a patient fall, the Mobile Depth Sensor Unit delivers an automatic fall detection alert and a privacy-protected 3D video clip of the event to care staff devices for visibility and response.

Digital Alerts at Your Fingertips

The solution delivers a real-time alert directly to caregivers using the hospital’s preferred notification method. The alert includes access to the privacy-protected recording of the event to see what happened.

Rewind & Review Incidents

The “Rewind and Review” feature saves short, privacy-protected 2D and 3D video clips of all fall events to take the guesswork out of post-fall huddle reports. Caregivers can leverage these video clips to help provide better insights for patient recovery, root cause analysis and data-driven care planning.

Caregiver using Foresite acute solution
Caregiver assessing patient in hall

On-Demand Fall Risk Assessment

The Foresite Mobile Depth Sensor Unit also includes a Fall Risk Assessment tool. The solution’s artificial intelligence and deep machine learning algorithms objectively evaluate a patient on several physical biometrics and assigns fall risk as high, moderate, or low. This advanced technology gives care teams a consistent benchmark to help assess fall risk.

Please see the Instructions for Use for a complete listing of the indications, contraindications, warnings and precautions.
This page was last updated: 7-October-2022

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