Enable location in healthcare environments

The GW3000 and GW3100 Gateways are combined BLE/Wi-Fi receivers that enable accurate real-time location of individuals with STANLEY Healthcare's solutions, including WanderGuard BLUE wander management, Patient Protection and Hugs Infant Protection.


Easily add location
to your solution 

Infant and Patient Protection

The Gateways makes the Hugs Infant Protection and Patient Protection solutions the right option for any hospital, regardless of the capabilities of the current Wi-Fi network. They can be used separately to create a proprietary network or combined with the existing access points (APs) to augment coverage.

Multiple power options

Both Gateways can be powered by a 24/48 V power supply, 24/48 V central power, POE or POE+.

Resident Safety in Senior Living

The Gateways' coverage allows for real-time location of residents with both Arial  and WanderGuard BLUE. Residents with Arial Wi-Fi pendants are more accurately located when they can call for help, while those with WanderGuard BLUE wearables are protected by two extra alerts: Out-of-Area alerts are raised when a resident is located outside a designated area and. Out-of-Range alarms occur when a resident is no longer seen by the system, which may indicate the resident has left the building.

Scalable and expandable

The Gateways can be installed to cover any size of area. The GW3000 is an economical choice where one Gateway can provide the desired coverage, while the GW3100 is designed to be installed in a switched fashion with gateways that are connected to each other to cover larger areas.

Fully supervised

The operation of the Gateway and its receivers is continually monitored, with a System Health alert generated if the system fails to receive messages from a Gateway for a certain period or if the Gateway reports an error condition.