Create Wi-Fi coverage anywhere

The GW1200 is deployed with any of STANLEY Healthcare’s Wi-Fi solutions, including Hugs Infant Protection, to create Wi-Fi coverage.


Optimize Wi-Fi coverage

An economical solution to provide or augment Wi-Fi coverage

Enabling departmental Hugs

The GW1200 makes the Hugs solution the right option regardless of the capabilities of your current Wi-Fi network. It can be used separately or together with your existing access points (APs).

Optimized for real-time applications

Each Gateway is equipped with two Wi-Fi receivers which are set to receive Wi-Fi signals on different channels. This helps improve reception of tag signals for reliable tag supervision performance.

Fully supervised

The operation of the Gateway is continually monitored, with a System Health alert generated if the system fails to receive messages from a Gateway for a certain period or if network connection to the Gateway is lost.

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