Enhance existing fall management programs 

The M200 Fall Monitoring System continues to be supported. For new monitoring needs, we invite you to discover our advanced M210 next-generation solution. 


Support individual
care plans 

Monitor each patient or resident per individual care plan needs. 

Two pads, one monitor

Connect two pads to a single monitor at the same time, to keep the individual safely monitored as they move from bed to chair or wheelchair.

Voice message

Record a short message that plays when the individual attempts to stand, urging them to wait for help.

Nurse call integration

Direct alerts to the nurse call system for central monitoring and response. Local alerts can be disabled for silent alarming or left active.

Hold and Suspend modes

When there’s a need to move a patient or resident from one pad to another, the M200 offers both a 30-second “Hold” mode and a 2-minute “Suspend” mode to avoid triggering a false alarm.

Configurable delay setting

Configurable delay setting (0, 1 or 2 seconds) enables the M200 to be quickly adapted to different needs.

Multiple power sources

The M200 can operate on lithium battery power or by powered by a DC power adapter.