Transform data into actionable insights

MobileView Analytics is an advanced business intelligence tool that transforms real-time information from the AeroScout solutions on patients, staff and assets into powerful visual dashboards.


Discover new levels of understanding

MobileView Analytics delivers unique insights to help you make better decisions, identify process improvement opportunities, and apply predictive analytics to optimize performance.

Anytime, anywhere analytics 

MobileView Analytics has an intuitive design suitable for business and clinical users alike—empowering all levels of staff with anytime, anywhere analytics. 

Visual dashboards

Complex data is transformed into easy-to-understand visual tools that drive powerful insights and decisions. A range of “out of the box” dashboards are available, and STANLEY Healthcare can develop custom dashboards.

Real-time data

The MobileView Data Warehouse is updated in near real time, enabling dashboards that display real-time analytics. Users get fast insight into their data and can understand what’s going on in their world—right now. 

Dynamic data exploration

MobileView Analytics is built to be a hands-on experience. With interactive dashboards, users can ask questions of the data in real time, performing on-the-fly analysis or simple drill-downs to see specific data points.