Integrate the full range of hospital systems

The MobileView platform offers built-in integrations to a wide range of hospital information systems (HIS), and supports custom integrations.


Power your HIS with
real-time data

Systems integration drives greater safety and security, improved operational efficiency and optimized workflow. Discover our range of integrations with leading vendors in the healthcare space.

Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS)

The integration of MobileView and CMMS or Equipment Asset Management (EAM) systems allow hospitals to efficiently manage the lifecycle of capital assets across the enterprise. 

Nurse Call Systems

Automate key aspects of your Nurse Call system by integrating real-time information on nurse movements. Staff wearing Wi-Fi tags are located precisely when entering or existing patient rooms.

Pump Management Systems

Improve the tracking and utilization of infusion pumps and ensure that they are allocated, distributed, used, cleaned, stored and maintained in the most efficient manner possible.

Alert Management and Middleware

The MobileView software integrates with many alert management and middleware platforms to allow hospitals to direct alerts from STANLEY Healthcare’s solutions following their escalation policies.

Care Team Communications

Send alerts from the MobileView platform to a wide range of Voice over IP (VoIP) and other communication devices.

Security and Access Control Systems

These integrations help prevent unauthorized entrance or exit; allow authorized entrance, exit or escort; generate an event in a security system; monitor door status; and generate alarms in MobileView.

Electronic Medical Record and Clinical Workflow Systems

The integration of MobileView with EMR and Clinical Workflow System solution helps eliminate duplicate data entry, reduces errors and improves overall patient and staff satisfaction.

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