Protect and track
inventory 24/7

These RAIN RFID-enabled enclosures give you complete visibility to your high value/high priority inventory.


Take the SpaceTRAX solution further

Add smart cabinets and RFID tags to the SpaceTRAX solution to secure important inventory and capture full chain-of-custody data. 

Improve visibility

SpaceTRAX Plus RFID tells you what  inventory you have—and exactly where you can find tagged assets.

Increase charge capture

With standard interfaces to your EMR, SpaceTRAX sends item charge information directly to the billing system. The smart cabinet further accelerates charge capture.

Address compliance

Automate chain-of-custody tracking and temperature monitoring in sterile processing and storage areas.

Enhance security

Keep high-value assets secure to reduce replacement costs and help ensure access to supplies when and where they’re needed for patient care.

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