Address multiple monitoring requirements 

Some environments must adhere to strict requirements for temperature, humidity and/or voltage levels and current flow. The AeroScout T5m-v Tag is ideal for meeting such requirements.


Robust environmental monitoring 

The AeroScout T5m-v T Tag delivers around-the-clock monitoring—making it possible to identify and react to out-of-range temperature, humidity and voltage levels before they impact safety or quality of care.

Multi-use sensor

Monitor temperature, humidity and voltage level with a single tag. The T5m-v T is ideal for environments such are labs that have multiple monitoring needs.

Flexible deployment

Like all AeroScout tags, the T5m-v Tag takes advantage of your existing Wi-Fi network, with no dedicated sensor network or hard wires to install. Implementing is fast and easy.

Continuous monitoring

Place the battery-powered tags with integrated sensors wherever you need to monitor. Tags will periodically send temperature or humidity information, and whenever there is a change in voltage. 

Alert and correct

When any sensor reports out-of-range conditions, the AeroScout solution alerts users via desktop software and mobile devices for immediate response.