Sophisticated monitoring of exits

The WanderGuard BLUE EX5700 delivers robust and sophisticated egress point monitoring and optional door locking.


Watchful eye for wander-prone residents

Typically installed above or beside a doorway, the EX5700 Door Controller transmits low frequency (LF) signals covering the exit area. If a resident wearing a WanderGuard BLUE Wearable Bracelet enters the Controller’s field, a message will be transmitted to the Controller, which then issues an alert and can also lock the door.

Easy installation and configuration

In addition to supporting a variety of exits sizes and layouts with the minimum wiring, the EX5700 Door Controller offers fast, convenient configuration through the WanderGuard BLUE Manager mobile application.

Wireless detection, immediate response

With the EX5700 Controller, all processing is done locally. The Controller identifies bracelets within its range and immediately issues an alert. It can also lock the door—ensuring quick response.

Managed access

Staff or authorized visitors can key in special codes at Indoor/Outdoor Keypad to pass through the controlled area or use an access control badge.


The EX5700 Controller monitors its own status 24/7. If a technical problem arises, it provides a visual indication and sends error information to the Indoor Keypad and Arial.

Arial integration

The EX5700 Door Controller offers built-in integration to the Arial Emergency Call solution to see and manage alerts from desktops and mobile devices. 

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