The new standard in wander management

Protect residents at risk of wandering with the attractive and comfortable WanderGuard BLUE Wearable Tag, available with resident locating function and cut-resistant band.


Attractive form meets advanced function

The WanderGuard BLUE Wearable Tag combines sleek design with flexible features to match your wander management protocol.

Modern smartwatch-like design

The WanderGuard BLUE Wearable Tag is unlike any other on the market, resembling a high-end fitness wearable. It combines good looks, rugged design (IP67 compliant) and advanced functionality. Choose from the Three-Year standard wearable tag, or the One-Year tag offering resident locating.

Supports resident locating

Increase protection for residents with real-time location. The One-Year tag beacons regularly. These signals are detected by the Gateway GW3000/GW3100 and relayed for display in the Arial software. Alerts can also be generated if the resident is not seen within the protected area of your community for a certain period.

Available with cut-resistant wristband

The WanderGuard BLUE Wearable Tag can be worn with both standard and cut-resistant wristbands. Both wristbands are offered in two different lengths. A locking clasp keeps the Wearable Tag securely in place.

Easy management

Every Wearable Tag is activated wirelessly by the WanderGuard BLUE Detector, and multiple tags can be activated at the same time. The most current data on all tags can be viewed in the WanderGuard BLUE Manager mobile application at any time.

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