Hospitals across the country continue to seek new and better ways to keep nurses and other staff safe on the job. This webinar explains the importance of staff protection and shares how University of Missouri Health Care successfully implemented our staff protection solution at their facility.


Workplace violence touches almost every healthcare professional, and for many it’s a common occurrence.​ In addition, hospitals must bear a wide range of costs: injuries due to an incident, lost productivity, higher turnover and damaged reputation. According to the New England Journal of Medicine, 76% of all nurses report verbal and/or physical violence, 12% of ED nurses report physical violence and ​43% report verbal abuse within the previous week.

What You'll Learn

This hour-long webinar replay discusses:

  • The importance of staff protection and the impact of workplace violence

  • How University of Missouri Health Care implemented our Staff Protection solution

  • How real-time location alerts helped University of Missouri Health Care locate staff and provide awareness for security

  • How you can put these capabilities to work for your organization