Identify 6 tips to battle caregiver burnout and increase staff retention in your organization.


Understaffed communities plagued by caregiver burnout, constant staff turnover and operational inefficiency need new strategies to adapt to a post-COVID environment with an increased focus on quality care. Empowering your caregivers with simple tools to streamline workflows and improve team collaboration doesn’t need to be a daunting task. Listen to community leaders, as well as operations and technology experts, identify best practices and practical tips to battle caregiver burnout and increase staff retention.

Author name
Amy Birkel
Author Title
Chief Operating Officer, Heritage Communities
"We're a people-service industry. We can build gorgeous communities and have wonderful technology resources, but at the end of the day the most important thing is the team."

What You'll Learn

This hour-long webinar replay discusses:

  • Current retention risks amplified by increasing caregiver burnout
  • Operational strategies put in place by leading providers to improve staff engagement and collaboration, including streamlined processes and mobile technology
  • Availability of data to make more informed staffing decisions and improve quality care