Technology is advancing rapidly in the senior living industry. This webinar explains how AI technologies can be used for early detection of illness and fall risk, allowing interventions before an emergency occurs.
Author name
Kyra Sosnow
Author Title
MBA, VP, Information Systems, Ultimate Care Assisted Living Management, LLC
“If a system can tell you that something is on the horizon and can be addressed before it causes discomfort, pain, or extensive treatment so that our residents can otherwise live actively and with contentment, then that is what it’s all about…that is why"

What You’ll Learn:

This hour-long webinar replay discusses:

  • How to evaluate screening protocols amid underlying chronic illness that may mask typical symptoms
  • How to recognize danger signs and atypical symptoms of COVID-19, urinary tract infections, congestive heart failure, fall risk and more
  • How AI can automate the collection, analysis and trending of resident health data to empower caregivers to provide the much-needed “human touch” to residents
  • How automated alerts, powered by AI, can facilitate early intervention for proactive care