There is a way to prevent falls. This webinar explains how a new generation of technology harnesses AI and Machine Learning to predict heightened fall risk so you can take action... before a fall occurs.


Falls remain the leading cause of fatal injury among seniors. Fall management strategies need to evolve to keep falls from happening in the first place. The key is to deliver insight that can be used to avoid falls and hospitalizations. Cathy Krege, Director of Clinical Services and Compliance at Provision Living Senior Communities, shares her experience with proactive fall reduction in conversation with Lauren Horn, RN, MSN of STANLEY Healthcare.

Author name
Cathy Krege
Author Title
Director of Clinical Services and Compliance, Provision Living Senior Communities
“Before this solution, we weren't able to know about health changes until it was too late”

What You'll Learn

This hour-long webinar replay discusses:

  • How Provision Living reduced falls and hospitalizations using predictive fall and proactive health tools
  • How fall and health prediction technology automatically collects and interprets resident data so that caregivers can focus on resident care
  • How automated alerts helped Provision Living avoid falls and hospitalizations
  • New ways to expedite root cause analysis when an adverse event happens