A proactive, predictive, and preventive approach to senior care.


Resident care is often reactive, as caregivers respond after a fall or emergency event has happened. But what if you could proactively identify and mitigate events before they occur? This whitepaper will discuss how several senior living operators have made the leap to predictive, proactive and preventive care, and the technologies they are using to do it. 

Author name
Jamie Johnson
Author Title
Director of Nursing, Fieldstone Memory Care
"The more you can see things coming and prepare, the better. I think that’s been heightened in our senior communities because of the pandemic."
Author name
Cathy Krege
Author Title
VP of Clinical Solutions and Compliance, Provision Living
"A solution like Foresite from STANLEY Healthcare helps us maintain safe practices in a sea of COVID because we are able to keep residents out of the hospital."

What You'll Learn:

  • How predictive analytics can boost senior living health and safety
  • How to identify residents at risk of an accident
  • The benefits of a predictive approach to care
  • The 4 Ps that build Foresite